We need to make the Statue of Liberty, this glorious beacon, stand as more than just a symbol.

The United States, in its entire history, has never once truly, fully, wholly lived up to its stated ideals. Countless times, it has betrayed them in horrible, monstrous ways. We pat ourselves on the back for a dream we have never made reality.

But we could.

And we should.

What if we all, together, as a people, said that we have to finally stand up for the values of the American Revolution? For once in our history. To be the nation that people like Thomas Paine wanted. One that took care of everyone. One that wanted mutually beneficial relationships with…

Being a trans woman and a software engineer, one topic that interests me in our world of registration-based apps is how gender data is collected. So often, it is done in a way hostile to trans people — even when well-intentioned. But, by keeping several things in mind, you can easily keep your app’s registration trans-friendly.

Do You Need it at All?

Keep it mind it is quite possible to build many apps without ever collecting any sort of gender-based data. …

Warning: The following is a metaphorical expression of intense personal mental health struggles. It is dark and meant to help people understand how anxiety disorders can manifest in self-destructive and suicidal tendencies.

You are in a space ship deep in uncharted space. A phantom extraterrestrial force endangers everything, and you must keep it at bay. Suddenly, you hear that dreaded sound — klaxons blare throughout the ship.


You know what you have to do. There’s only one option. The only thing as red as those sirens is the button on the console. You feel sick…

The desktop of Big Sur looks more unified and sleek than ever before.

As a long-time Apple fangirl, I was excited to finally get my hands on macOS Big Sur, especially given how much later it came out than this year’s iOS/iPadOS updates and, perhaps even more excitingly, represents their first software-side step towards an ARM future for the Mac.

I don’t have an ARM Mac, but rather an Intel 16” MacBook Pro — by far my favorite piece of electronics. After getting everything set up on it just how I wanted it, shaking up so much was a little anxiety-inducing. But totally worth it.

The upgrade, at least for me, was far…

Given the extreme turbulence in the financial sector sparked by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Reserve has taken extreme measures to keep the economy afloat. People all over social media are holding it up as proof of how much could be spent on projects like social programs that increase the welfare of common people. So is the Federal Reserve truly spending trillions of dollars?

The answer is a resounding no. These are effectively very short-term loans, many of which are recouped literally the very next day. The intention is not to help banks cover losses or to — as…

With the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, an increasing number of jobs are being done remotely — at least for now. Obviously, many jobs require a physical presence, but for jobs where duties can be carried out with nothing more than a computer and, perhaps, a phone, it makes sense to keep people out of harm’s way. This ensures people can continue to be productive while practicing social isolation.

However, it is important that we ensure this pattern continues, even after the threat of the pandemic has subsided. As someone who has only worked fully remote jobs for well…

Ducks love to swim — but will you love them?

If you are looking for a way to raise animals as more than simply a house pets, ducks may be an ideal choice. The idea may seem strange, but they provide a wide variety of benefits, even if you don’t want to raise them for meat.

Much like chickens, ducks lay culinarily useful eggs. Many find them better than chicken eggs for baking. The most common type of duck you will find in domestic settings is the all-white Pekin, which lays good eggs — but not as many as chickens. …

One pernicious conspiracy theory on Leftist Twitter in the wake of the constitutional crisis in Bolivia in 2019 is that Tesla somehow orchestrated the coup and/or is benefiting from access to the lithium reserves. This is patently ridiculous, as much as it serves as satisfying fodder for people looking for new reason to blame American imperialism for literally all of — and not merely some of — the world’s troubles.

Tesla posted a very positive earnings report on October 23rd. This led to a huge spike in stock prices when the report came out, as it reassured stockholders after a…

Aleksandr Dugin speaking about “special Russian truth” reminiscent of Trump’s “alternate facts.”

One term you may encounter within either discussions of Russia or fascism is “Duginism.” However, this can be a slightly complex subject to understand for newcomers to the concept. In the simplest of terms, Duginism is the political theory of a Russian fascist, Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin.

Duginist concepts can be broken down into two categories: geopolitical and ideological. This distinction is important for a key reason. The former is largely about the aspirations of Russia as a weakened imperial force, whereas the latter provides a blueprint for global society. …

The Importance of Love

The world is unquestionably in peril. Authoritarianism is on the rise worldwide. Climate change is accelerating. And the response to both so far has been lukewarm at best. Looking at things as they stand now, it is easy to think that the future will be bleak. Averting such an outcome will require a lot of things in coordination, but one thing we are desperately in need of is love. A lot of you may roll your eyes at this, but love is the most important thing in the world.

I don’t say this as some pithy, empty statement. I’m not…

Thorne Melcher

Software Engineer. NYT-Published Writer. Farmer. Trans Lesbian (She/her).

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